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- October 2nd, 2016

Heather Marlow Stephenson – Gallery

Heather Marlow Stephenson BA(Hons) – Photographic Artist

Lancashire born, Heather’s work usually takes the form of projects based around Man’s interface with nature. This can be visually or conceptually inspired and driven by her curiosity but is always developed with an important trio of ingredients – staring, watching, dreaming. The projects are often long-term involving lengthy observation in all weathers and all seasons, artistic and scientific research and patience. She embraces anthropomorphism and chooses to work where the animals can see her. She does not disturb them but exists with them, it is their choice to stay or go.

Heather has worked with wild seals in South Georgia and performing sea lions in Blackpool – hummingbirds in the rainforest of Trinidad and albatrosses on the Southern Ocean but is presently creating work inspired by the players on Morecambe Bay’s stage of huge skies, endless mudflats and enigmatic limestone pavements.


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Time and Tide

As the tide reaches its height the frenzied flight of the wader makes your heart beat faster. As ‘safeland’ disappears the raptors strike. Safer together, mixed species pierce the air at the edge of their envelopes and then, as if someone has flicked a switch, the tide turns – wings slow, a calming is palpable, the little dots return to earth, each one an individual seeking safety, rest and sustenance.

Time and Tide is a project in its 8th year and is the result of many, many cold
hours in wellies, wading with the waders – an absolute joy.

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Author: geoffdixon