Show by Abi Hampsey and Mark Bletcher

- August 27th, 2019

September 2, 2019 all-day
The Storey
Meeting House Ln, Lancaster LA1 1TH

SHOW is a joint exhibition of recent work by Newcastle based artists ABI HAMPSEY and MARK BLETCHER. The exhibition includes recent prints and paintings that explore concepts central to both of their practices, such as; truth, myth and the material considerations of their respective mediums.
Abi Hampsey is a Newcastle based artist who works primarily with oil paint but makes extensive use of research based methodology to explore personal myths. She recently received The Foreshaw Foundation residency from The British Art School at Rome, and Bartlett travel funding for a research trip to the isle Jersey. She has received the Hatton Prize for an outstanding final degree show exhibition and taken part in multiple group shows. Originally from Lancashire she often exhibits in her hometown and works with other local artists, such as her recent show at the The Herbarium and her work on creating the cover for recent publication by poet and writer Andy Porter – ‘A Pixelated mist’. Using techniques and research from her time in Rome, Abi and Mark have created a series of one-of-a-kind prints that explore depictions of mythology in a playful and decorative way, these will be released at the Storey Institute as part of the exhibition.
Mark Bletcher is a Newcastle based painter and printmaker whose work depicts esoteric imagery in opposition with mundane, but emotionally charged domestic scenes, he was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Woon Foundation Prize and received the Final Year Student Prize for outstanding academic achievement from Newcastle University. Because of Mark’s interest in the connection between writing and art he has worked with publications such as the Butchers Dog Poetry Magazine and has recently been selected for Bartlett Off-Site Funding for an upcoming publication in collaboration with Abi. He has been involved in multiple shows from Newcastle to London and has produced a body of work during his time at University for two solo shows at The Holy Biscuit and at Newcastle University. He has recently created two series of Original Lithographs with Master Printer Lee Turner that will be released at the Storey Institute as part of the exhibition.