Morecambe Bay’s Hidden Heritage:

- November 8th, 2018

November 10, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Maritime Museum
Custom House, St George's Quay, Lancaster LA1 1RB

Morecambe Bay’s Hidden Heritage:

An exhibition that showcases thestories, memories and archaeology of Morecambe Bay’s past, as uncovered by theBay’s communities over the last 5 years, comes to Lancaster.


Saturday 10 November – Sunday 24February 2019 open 12 – 4pm


MorecambeBay is a place like no other. Withstunning sands, vast skies, majestic views and wild places, a landscape thathas captivated us all. Hidden within it are mysterious ruins jutting fromshifting sands, ancient archaeology sites, historical puzzles and tantalizingtales.


Using exciting new digital technologies alongsidetraditional research techniques Morecambe Bay Partnership and the Bay’scommunities have helped unearth some of the Bay’s lesser known maritime,industrial and archaeological stories. New facts have emerged, myths andlegends explored, ancient sites revealed, and spellbinding memories collected.


This exhibition, openingat Lancaster Maritime Museum on 10 November, celebrates the unsung yetextraordinary lives of people from all corners of the Bay and presents somefascinating new discoveries about the Bay’s industrial and maritime past, thepeople who called it home and explores the wild, wonderful andyet warmly human nature of this unique and spectacular corner of Britain.