Mind-Body-Nature Connection Walk (Pendle Hill LP New to Walking Festival) FULLY BOOKED

- August 23rd, 2021

September 25, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Location: Barley (details of meeting point will be sent out after booking)

This is a beautiful, circular walk led by Stacey from Rewilding Outdoor Therapy. Stacey is an outdoor counselling therapist whose approach focuses on the mind-body-nature connection to empower and build resilience.  This route takes in the river and woodland around Roughlee. On the route, there will be an opportunity to experience a little forest bathing. This Japanese practise called Shinrin-yoku, is the simple method of being calm and quiet amongst trees, observing nature, whilst engaging our senses. It can help de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way.  Stacey’s philosophy is underpinned in eco-psychology, the human emotional connection to nature. Nature has been proved to be healing and therapeutic. Spending time in the open air relaxes the body, and when combined with movement, can expand the mind and provide a space away from every day demands to explore whatever is living for you. Never has this been more vital than during the recent pandemic. During the walk, there will be an opportunity to explore how nature has impacted each and every one of us, how we have connected with the more-than-human world and how we hope to nurture this connection in the future.

Please note: no dogs allowed on this walk and adults only.

Terrain guide 4 ,  approx 3 miles

Booking essential. For booking details please see https://www.pendlehillproject.com/walking-festival