Litfest 2016 – A Day of Poetry

- October 3rd, 2016

March 19, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Lancaster Library
Market Square, Lancaster LA1 1HY
United Kingdom

2pm – 3pm – My Dear Watson by The Periodic Poets
Until recently there were 118 elements in the periodic table. Last year, each of them fizzed up its very own poem. From its very own poet. Recent events in the world of science have demanded a few more are added, and they will be for Litfest’s Poetry Day!

The poets hail from all over the world and Lancashire*. Aged from 18 to 83** their poems will make jaws drop (off), hair stand on end (permanently) and tender bits glow in the dark (glimmeringly).

‘My Dear Watson’ is the fourth anthology from Beautiful Dragons, the entirely collaborative poetry press. The biggest venture so far from a bunch of stanza-mongers with collections of experience and none. Who are best friends and total strangers.

Come and see them sizzle at the Lancaster launch of ‘My Dear Watson’. Who knows what will happen when they actually meet…
*not quite true**spot on

4pm – 5pm – Three Wayleave Poets
Wayleave Press is a small independent publisher of quality poetry pamphlets. Based in Lancaster, it was founded in 2014 by Mike Barlow, with the intention of publishing attractive editions of excellent poetry, specialising in thematically cohesive collections or first pamphlets by talented poets. So far Wayleave has produced 12 pamphlets including work by poets with regional and national reputations. During this event Mike Barlow will introduce three poets who will read from their Wayleave pamphlets as well as their wider work:

Lynda Plater lives in Lincolnshire, having returned there in the 1990’s from Galloway. Her return home and her travels abroad influence her writing. Her pamphlet Three Seasons for Burning, just published in January this year, is her debut collection. Her distinctive rhythms and language have a songlike quality, part homage, part celebration.

Ulverston’s Mark Carson, in his pamphlet Hove-to is a State of Mind, draws on Irish roots, a career as an ocean engineer and time spent in Africa. His poems vividly evoke particular experiences: a cross-cultural encounter camping in the bush, a night-time call-out on a research vessel at sea, a chance encounter between youth and beauty in the west of Ireland, all vividly realised for reader or listener.

Jane Routh lives in rural north Lancashire. Her recent prose publication, Falling into Place, celebrates work, wildlife and weather in the north west of England. The poems in her pamphlet The White Silence focus, with ‘sustained, accessible and accomplished lyricism’ on Sir John Franklin’s 1845 naval expedition to find the ‘North West Passage’ through Arctic ice.

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Poets from the Emma Press
Details to follow!

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