Fig Tree Fair Trade/Slave Exhibition

- February 23rd, 2017

March 7, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
The Thomas Storey Gallery
The Storey, Meeting House Lane

The FIG Tree slave trade / Fair Trade Exhibition will be on display at the Storey from 7th – 31st March 2017. The FIG Tree is the world’s first International Fair Trade Centre, founded in the world’s first Fair Trade Town, Garstang and now based at Lancaster Priory. The FIG Tree interactive exhibition was developed as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project that explores Lancaster’s role as Britain’s 4th largest slave trade port during the 18th century, the area’s involvement in promoting fair trade as a Fairtrade District today and Quakers who were prominent in the abolition but also included Lancaster merchants and the slave trader Dodshon Foster.

To celebrate the end of the project, an exciting weekend of events will take place on 25th/26th March 2017, commemorating 210 years since the act was passed to abolish the British Transatlantic slave trade. As part of ‘210 Abolition – Lancaster slave trade port to Fairtrade City’ several events will take place in Lancaster including a Regency Banquet and Ball at the Borough; a service, lecture and chocolate workshops at The Priory; and Quaker worship and slave trade / Fair Trade Debate at the Friends Meeting House. The abolition of the slave trade act was passed exactly 210 years earlier on 25th March 1807.
For further information, contact Bruce Crowther, Executive Director of The FIG Tree: Tel: 01995 602637 Mobile: 07526 713255 email: