As you like it – Open air play in the Park (Sunday Matinée)

- July 28th, 2017

June 12, 2011 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Dell Amphitheatre
Williamson Park
Lancaster LA1 1UX

Rosalind, the daughter of a banished duke, falls in love with Orlando at a wrestling match, but her usurping uncle, jealous of her popularity, banishes her from court.
Disguised as a boy she seeks out her father and his friends in the Forest of Arden. Here she meets Orlando again and, under the guise of a young man, counsels him in the art of love.
Performed at the Globe and on an Elizabethan-style stage, a small troupe of travelling players breathes
new life into this firm favourite among Shakespeare’s comedies.
As You Like It runs the glorious gamut of pastoral romance: crossdressing and love-notes; poetry and
brilliant conversation; gentle satire, slapstick and passion.

Dell Amphitheatre, Williamson Park, Lancaster LA1 1UX
01524 33318
Tickets also available from Lancaster
Visitor Information Centre & Morecambe
Visitor Information Centre.
Tickets 020 7401 9919